Tuesday, 16 February 2016

February Birchbox | 2016

Hi guys. When I received this months Birchbox I was not disappointed, everything from the pretty box to the products inside were great! I have a had a look online at Glossyboxs' February box, which did look quite good also, but again I am glad I stuck with Birchbox as I think the products are slightly better. The box itself is really pretty this month, it's turquoise with marble affect and it says "shine Bright Like A Diamond" on it. 

Spectrum Collection | Tapered Powder Brush | RRP £7.99

"This vibrant hand-finished brush makes light work of powder application (whether that's setting powder, shimmery highlighters, or your fave bronzer) Thanks to the precisely-shaped tip and super-soft tapered bristles. Oh and it's absolutely gorgeous."

Thoughts|  I was so excited when I saw this inside my box, I was looking at the Spectrum brushes the other day and almost bought some! This brush is beautiful, it has a pink handle, with blue and purple ombréd bristles. It feels really good quality, the bristles are super soft. If I like this I may end up buying one of their sets as it's too pretty not to!

Number 4 | Lumiere d'Hiver Super Comb Prep & Protect | RRP £20.00

"Treat your hair to a little TLC with this does-it-all wonder product. Not only does it strengthen and repair tired strands but it de-tangles and tames flyaways, too - and all without sulphates or parabens! That's what we call win-win."

Thoughts|  I love a good tangle spray for my hair. My hair's fine so it gets tangled really quickly. I highly doubt I would re-purchase this one though as I am in love with the Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle which is a Birchbox exclusive and it's £6.00 cheaper than this one. 

Only Fingers + Toes | Nail Polish | RRP £16.00 

"While nail polish trends come and go, a polish that stands the test of time is hard to come by. Thankfully, this lacquer boasts a timeless glossy formula, applies effortlessly, and is free from the Big Five chemical nasties found in many polishes."

Thoughts|  I'm not a massive fan of the colour of this it's a muted pink with a nude undertone. This will probably be thrown into my nail polish collection and forgotten about unless I can think of a friend that may like it.  

Ayres | Body Butter in Patagonia | RRP £19.50

"Not only is this luxurious plant-based formula brimming with shea butter, vitamin E, and antioxidants to soften and hydrate, but the mix of jasmine, lavender, and ylang-ylang leaves behind a serene scent that lingers on nourished skin."

Thoughts|  I'm looking forward to trying this, being 8 months pregnant I am trying all sorts of body butters and oils to lather onto my growing belly. I applied a bit of this onto my hand and it sunk in quickly which is great as I hate it when creams leave a film across your skin.

LOC | One and Done Shadow Stick | Champagne Problems | £8.00

"What you are about to experence is Birchbox's first in-house make-up brand that we are SO excited to share with you. So what can you expect? Up to 11 hours of creaseless, waterproof colour in one handy stick, that's what."

Thoughts|  This is the one product that I have tried since receiving the box. Subscribers were emailed in January and asked to choose from two colours, one was this one, champagne colour and the other was a gold,  I would usually opt for the gold but I own so many gold/bronze eye colours that I decided to go for this one, and I am glad I did. The colour is a beautiful metallic champagne. It last really well on the lid, I wouldn't necessarily say it lasts 11 hours but it lasts a good amount of time maybe 7/8 hours. The price is great considering brands like By Terry do shadow sticks for £29.00...The £8.00 LOC one is much more appealing for your purse! 

Derm Eyes | Make-up Remover Wipes | RRP £9.50 | Beauty Bonus

"Eliminate all traces of make-up, gently, with these hypo-allergenic cleansing wipes. perfect for sensitive peepers, they've been created with a super-soft fabric to cleanse and hydrate the eye area without irritation"

Thoughts|  This is a nice little extra and as I do have sensitive skin it will be interesting to see if this irritates my skin. 


Sunday, 7 February 2016

January Favourites | 2016

Good evening. I cant believe it's already February! I thought I would share a few of my favourites from January.

Liz Earle | Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser | £15.50 

I have been trying to look after my skin throughout winter and this has been amazing. It's so easy just to grab a face wipe to get your make-up off, but it doesn't actually take it all off. This stuff is great it takes all of my make-up off, leaves my skin feeling super clean and it isn't too much of a hassle! I just rub this into damp skin and use the muslin cloth that comes with it to wipe it off. It removes all of my eye make-up and doesn't irritate my eyes. 

Rimmel | Wake Me Up Foundation | £8.99

This is a foundation I have re-purchased a few times now. I struggle to find a good high street foundation. This one is brilliant for the price. I decided to get this one out again a few weeks ago as my skin was getting really dry from using my Estee Lauder Double Wear constantly. This is a lovely dewy foundation, really great if you suffer from dry skin. It leaves a natural glowy finish on your skin, if you're a fan of matte foundations then this isn't one for you! It also has a SPF 15 which is great for the summer! The only downside to this is probably the amount you have to use to get a medium coverage. I have done a full review on this foundation here.

MAC | Lipstick | Velvet Teddy | £15.50

I love this lipstick. Full Stop. It's matte so it lasts for hours, it's a pinky nude with a brown undertone. I feel like this could suit many skin tones, it's very flattering. Although it is matte, it's not at all drying its still a really creamy hydrating formulation. I tend to use my Lush lip scrub before using this just to make it smoother. If you want to try a brown'y nude I highly recommend trying this as I feel it's still quite a safe brown lipstick. 

Chanel | Mademoiselle | £76.00

I was lucky enough to get this perfume for my Birthday in December, it has always been a favourite of mine. I haven't found another fragrance that I love as much as this one. People always compliment it when I wear it. When you're next near a fragrance counter smell this perfume...it is incredible. 

Origins | Drink Up Intensive Face Mask | £23.00

I have been using this a lot through December and January, due to the cold weather my skin has been extra dry! This is such a brilliant face mask, I use it twice a week, I apply it after cleansing and toning my skin, and sleep with it on. It's a really lovely fruity scent. When you wake up it the morning your skin has "drunk it up" hence the name! My skin feels so soft in the morning after using this. 


Saturday, 30 January 2016

January Birchbox | 2016

What a beauty this months box was. It had a few new brands along with a few brands which I know and love. I am so glad that I went back to Birchbox after changing to Glossybox for a few months. I personally prefer Birchbox and the brands that they use.

1| Benefit | They're Real Tinted Primer |£18.50

"For supercharged lashes,one coat of this game-changing product will make all the difference! The mink-coloured formula separates, lengthens, and boosts each individual lash to prepare it for your mascara."   

2| Jelly Pong Pong | Lighten Up Brightener + Waterliner | £14.95

"If, like us, you love your make-up to be multi-tasking then you'll heart this brightening pencil! Use it along your waterline for wide-awake eyes or blend it beneath brows to awaken your complexion, without any shimmer!"

3| Cowshed | Gorgeous Cow Blissful Body Lotion | £20.00

"Nourish your skin and lift your spirits with this fragrant lotion. Filled to the brim with essential oils like lavender, rose, and ylang ylang, the happy scent will transport you to your own little oasis while hydrating your skin deep down."

4| Parlor | Moisturising & Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner | £16.00

"Not only do these lightweight formulas cleanse and condition but strengthening ingredients help to repair your locks at the same time! Even better? They smell of the brand's signature scent - ripe peach and freshly-cut grass."

5| Absolution | L'Eau Soir et Matin | £27.00

"Make light work of removing your make-up with this purifying cleansing water. Packed with kind-to-skin ingredients like hazelnut oil and Aloe Vera, it removes all traces of the day to leave your complexion feeling soft and refreshed."

6| Compact Mirror | £4.00

"Thanks to this handy compact mirror you'll be able to take care of beauty touch-ups and unruly locks on the go - so you're always selfie ready!"


Friday, 11 December 2015

Baking | Reindeer Biscuits

Good Evening! 

So I decided to do a bit of a different blog post today, one that doesn't involve beauty....I know bizarre right, but I have really been enjoying reading more lifestyle type of blog posts recently like Hannah Maggs, who does beautiful posts about her son Grayson. 

So when I was doing a bit of baking with my daughter the other day I decided to get the lights and camera out and take some pictures. I generally dislike baking with a 3 year old as it's normally messy and what your trying to make usually comes out nothing like you intended! I decided to try and relax and just let her make as much mess as she wanted....and it ended up being a lot of fun and after some slight modifications to the icing when she had gone to bed - they didn't look bad at all!

We just used a standard biscuit recipe as my daughter is extremely fussy and doesn't like gingerbread...or anything that's not plain really! 


  • Flour 300g
  • Butter 250g (softened)
  • Caster sugar 140g 
  • 1 Egg Yolk
  • 2 Tsp Vanilla extract

These are so simple to make - 

Mix the butter and the sugar. Add the egg yolk and vanilla extract and beat to combine. Sift in the flour. Get your hands in there and combine it all together. I then put it into the fridge for 30mins or so. 

I didn't want to have to go out and buy Christmas cookie cutters especially for this so I found a clever trick on-line, upside down gingerbread man cookie cutters = reindeer 


Thursday, 3 December 2015

Favourites | November | 2015

I haven't blogged for quite a while as life has been quite...manic! I thought I would do a little favourites post to get back into blogging!

 1. Soap & Glory | Butter Yourself |£10.00

"Rough Elbows? Bumpy upper arms? Flaky lower legs? Deploy...... Butter Yourself."

I love soap and glory products also I am a bit of a sucker for the quirky packaging! This is a product that I have re-purchased and will continue too. Its a body lotion that you apply whilst your skin is still damp from the shower. I have always suffered from bumpy skin on my upper arms, and this is the only thing I have used that actually gets rid of them. Although I do have to use it all the time as if I don't use it for a few days the bumps come back, this doesn't bother me as it does work, and I have tried numerous products in the past to get rid of them!

L'oreal | Skin Perfection Nourishing Cleansing Wipes |£3.49 

I know that face wipes aren't the best thing to use to remove make-up, but when you have stuff to do in the evening like making packed lunches and watching MIC, you just want to go straight to bed without the hassle of cleansing and toning etc! When I do need a face wipe to take off my make-up these are the ones I grab. I have dry skin and these are fabulous for that, I wake up in the morning and my skin feels so soft that I could have done a full cleanse! They are always on some kind of offer as well like at the moment L'oreal products are 2 for £5 in Superdrug!

Emite Make Up | Diamond Heart Base Primer | Full-Size - 35.00

I received this in my November Glossybox and I love it, it evens my skin tone and really makes my make-up last a lot longer. It helps create a dewy, glowy, healthy skin. 

Urban Decay | Naked 3 Palette |£38.00 

I have fallen in love with this again this month. I go through phases with eye shadows, I got stuck in a rutt with my MAC shadows. I grabbed this to do my eyes at the start of November and have used it everyday since! Urban Decay eye shadows are such a brilliant quality. They apply smoothly, have no fall out and are so easily blend able, everything you'd expect from a high end eye shadow. With it coming up to Christmas I think Urban Decay palettes are a beautiful gift for a make-up lover. They have so many pretty palettes, I was lucky enough to receive the new smoky palette this week for my Birthday and I can already tell that it is going to be in my December favourites! The new Gwen Stefani palette looks incredible also!

Estee Lauder | Double Wear Foundation | £30.00

I am surprised I have gone back to using this. I used to use this all the time but I realised that it was too drying for my already dry skin! The reason I got it was as I ran out of my Nars Sheer Glow and as we don't have a Nars stand in my town and I didn't want to wait for delivery so I went back to Estee Lauder. I have a love hate relationship with this foundation. I love the way it looks on the skin, I love the high coverage and I love the staying power. The only thing I don't like is that if I wear it for a long time I get really dry skin, its the only downside, as much as I love this foundation I will probably go back to Nars when this has run out! 

Homesense | Candles | £5.99

I recently found these candles in Homesense, when I first saw them I thought they were bath and body work candles as they're the same type of holder and have the 3 wicks. I looked on-line and found out they are from Walmart in America. These candles are incredible, they burn evenly and put out a lot of scent. Every time I light Deck The Halls people comment on how my house smells like Christmas! If you happen to see these in TKMAXX or Homesense be sure to grab them (if they have a nice scent!).